July 26th, 2020 - Newsletter #18


Dear Comrades and Friends of the Hanover Corps,


Greetings everyone!  It has been a very hot week. I have enjoyed sitting on my porch at the house in the early morning watching the fog slowly lifting and seeing so many walkers as well.  Some have stopped and we were able to talk at a distance which has been a true blessing.  I should have been doing this years ago! J


On Sunday August 9th there will be a time to say ‘Farewell’ to me, Major Sterling.  What has been planned is to have from 1:30pm to 4:15, in half hour time spaces, a chance for 10 people to come and visit with Major. Then 15 minutes will be taken to wipe and sanitize the area used for the next time space of 10 people.  To make this safe for all, Sheri Maxted will be contacting you to see what time space would work best for you. If you have not heard from her by August 7th , then please call her at  [519-364-5252] to set up a time that would be good for you.  This should give a more intimate time to share, to say farewell, and to have a time of prayer at the end of the time space.  I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can on this day. 


If Sunday August 9th does not work for you, contact me at my office so I can say farewell in another way. Sheri and I will be looking for a time and date for those living at Lutheran Manor separate from August 9th.


Do continue to pray for:

Ø Our Major’s – Alonzo, Lori, John, Elsie, Sterling

Ø Sandra’s daughter Nicole is doing better, so keep up with the prayers

Ø Captain’s Mark and Wendy Crabb in preparation to come to Hanover

Ø Covid 19 -  2 cases in the Grey-Bruce area

Ø Lisa’s family

Ø Jennifer, Laya and Ava

Ø Continue to make contact with each other to encourage each other. This is a lonely time for some of our congregation and many are missing the fellowship of coming to worship on Sundays.

Ø Prayer about having your own ‘bubble’ church group somewhere, sometime.  This may be what the future will be for our congregation for the rest of 2020.  So would you be able to hold a ‘bubble’ time in your back yard for 5 people from our church? Make it a matter of prayer and lets’ see how the Lord will respond. J


Everything is moving along in our Family Services, ready to help each need that presents itself to us.  Do keep Jennifer, Elizabeth and Raoul in your prayers as they continue to work diligently to make the food banks in Hanover and Chesley safe for all involved. Our numbers inched up a bit in Hanover this month and Chesley Food Bank is just about back to our normal numbers there. Do encourage your neighbors if they are in need to come and use these Food Banks, we have plenty!


Our Thrift Store is now into phase 3 and is working towards reopening at phase 5.  This means we are close to opening the store near the end of this month or early August.  Kathie continues into her fifth week of preparing the store for shoppers and is now using some of her volunteers in the physical preparation of making the store safe and to allow for distance shopping. Product continues to be received with a 3-day quarantine on the product before it is sorted. Nothing is being sold at this point in time.


Do continue to check out our website for the recent sermon videos and the occasional musical video as well. Be safe. Keep your distance. Wash your hands.


Yours in Christ,


Major Sterling

Hanover CO