July 12th, 2020 - Newsletter #16


Dear Comrades and Friends of the Hanover Corps,


‘God is so good! God is so good! God is so good, He’s so good to me! I love Him so. I love Him so. I love Him so, He’s so good to me! God answers prayer. God answers prayer. God answers prayer, He’s so good to me.’ Just felt like sharing that with you today as I begin this week’s newsletter.  It has been such a long time that we have been influenced by the Covid virus that some might be wondering what good is coming out of all of this.  One thing is lots of time to reflect on our relationship with the Triune God, another is to count your blessings, and I think another might be learning what is most important to us – relationships with others.


As we move through the various phases within our province we are recognizing that our lives are not the same as they were before all of this happened.  My prayer for each of you is that you will appreciate the new changes in the light of your faith. Embrace the restrictions as they are made to protect you and others. Learn how to use your time more productively. Take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way. J


Do continue to pray for:

Ø Our Major’s – Alonzo [home now], Lori, John, Elsie, Sterling [it kicked in this week that I am moving, bit sad for me.]

Ø Sandra’s daughter Nicole is doing better, so keep up with the prayers

Ø Captain’s Mark and Wendy Crabb in preparation to come to Hanover

Ø Those with Covid – only 1 active case now in the Grey-Bruce area

Ø Lisa’s family

Ø Sonia has returned home from a holiday

Ø Continue to make contact with each other

Ø Robert Jarvis will have a birthday this week  J


Everything is moving along in our Family Services, ready to help each need that presents itself to us.  Will be starting this week to use masks for the staff and volunteers and to invite clients to do also as per the directive from the Province. Do keep Jennifer in your prayers as she continues to work diligently to make the food banks safe for all involved.


Our Thrift Store has now been invited by DHQ to enter phase 3 for implementation at phase 5.  This means we are close to opening the store near the end of this month or early August.  Kathie continues into her third week to prepare the store for shoppers and will now be able to seek support from her Human Resources who are comfortable to return.


In case you were wondering, ‘Arguing that Jesus didn’t laugh because the Bible doesn’t mention it is like saying Jesus didn’t breathe, yawn, sneeze, or run since the Bible doesn’t mention him doing so. It doesn’t have to – we can safely assume he did those things because Scripture tells us Jesus was fully human [Hebrews 2:14-18]’ Randy Alcorn: Happiness, P. 166  What do you think Jesus would be doing if He was involved with a Covid situation and was limited to access and socializing? J  Just something for you to talk about while having a coffee with your ‘bubble’.


Do check out our website for the recent sermon videos and the occasional musical video as well. Be safe. Keep your distance. Wash your hands.


Yours in Christ,


Major Sterling

Hanover CO