June 26th, 2020 - Newsletter #14


Dear Comrades and Friends of the Hanover Corps,


The end of June, wow, can you believe it? Summer is here now and it is great walking weather and sitting on your porch watching the people walk by.  The Covid has brought out many in my neighborhood and I have enjoyed reading on my porch waiting for those friends and acqaintences pass by and having a brief conversation with them as they walk their pets.  J  Our Mayor is the most frequent passerby.


Not much news to share with you this week.  Our Family Services is beginning to become busier with clients which is allowing us to move our food to those in need which is a blessing for us. I had a call from someone we had helped when they got home and were so grateful for all that they received, that was a real blessing to each of us at Family Services. Jennifer Sachs is no longer with us in the Family Services but we now have Jennifer Karges filling in and doing the exact same job in the exact same way with the exact same joy and the exact same energy. J


This Sunday night is the Salute to our Division as it now will become part of the one Ontario Division on July 1st. This is my 4th amalgamation of divisions in Ontario. I was on DHQ for one of these and know how difficult it is for the divisional staff as they are blended into the new sharing of responsibilities.  So do keep the DHQ staff in your prayers this week as it becomes finalized.


Our Thrift Store begins the process to reopen this week.  Kathie Tuhkanen and myself will sit down and discuss how to make each of the phases a reality.  Our store will be open to sell at Phase 5 and we are beginning at Phase 1, so lots to look at and process.  Do keep us both in your prayers as we converse on the protocols.


Do continue to pray for:

Ø Our Major’s – Alonzo, Lori, John, Elsie, Sterling

Ø Sandra’s daughter Nicole

Ø Captain’s Mark and Wendy Crabb

Ø Those with Covid – now are 2 cases in Hanover that happened this week

Ø This coming holiday week, that people will be responsible and distance themselves

Ø Continue to make contact with each other


I think I mentioned to you in one of these newsletters that I have been reading Randy Alcorn’s book Happiness. He shares this thought that I liked, ‘Those who know they’re fanvored by God are happy about it, and those who know that God’s favor is eternal can be happy in him when every outward circumstance argues against being happy. This is what David experienced when he wrote, “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul” [Psalm 94:19]. It’s what Paul knew when he said from prison, “Rejoice in the Lord Always.” It’s what James and Peter were saying when they told believers to be glad when facing hardships [James 1:2; 1 Peter 4:13]. For me this is reminder to live during these days of Covid, and these days of moving, that I can still experience the happiness from my faith to appreciate all of the blessings that God continues to give me each and every day.  I hope this might help when times try to take our happiness away.  The word of God always shows that the happiness can and will stay when we allow our faith to make it so.


Do check out our website for the recent sermon videos and the occasional musical video as well. Be safe. Keep your distance. Wash your hands.


Yours in Christ,


Major Sterling

Hanover CO