June 13th, 2020 - Newsletter #12


Dear Comrades and Friends of the Hanover Corps,


Hello everyone, how was your week? What a week at TSA, so much excitement and conversation about the possibilities of opening our Thrift Store and of course having Sunday services.  The Premier was generous in allowing these to open and so now plans need to be put into place for approval by Divisional Headquarters and then to implement the plan in the safest and most practical way.


When we do open for Sunday Services it will be different.

·       Those who rely on someone to pick them up will have to find alternative transportation as it is not allowed to have people from different house holds in that setting.

·       No hand shaking or hugging would be allowed and conversations with each other would have to be from a safe distance.

·       Singing will be allowed only if you are wearing a mask.

·       Your hands will be sprayed with hand sanitizer as you enter the building.

·       Leaving the sanctuary will be directed in a way that will allow spacing.

·       Your offering will be placed in an offering plate as you leave the sanctuary.

·       Socializing can take place outside the building with the appropriate spacing.

·       The Cloak room will not be used.

·       There will be a table set up with hand sanitizer and masks if you are in need of these in the foyer.

These are the things that we know will need to take place.  Once the plan is presented to DHQ more information might be added to this list.  Do keep this process in your prayers and be ready to participate when permission is granted.  It is important that all of us are accepting of these conditions and will help each other put them into action for all of our sakes.


There is a verse from one our Warfare Songs that says, ‘We’re a band that shall conquer the foe, if we fight in the strength of the King; with the sword of the Spirit, we know, we sinners to Jesus shall bring. I believe we shall win if we fight in the strength of the King.’ I do believe we will be victorious over these times of limitations. I do believe the King is with us along this journey. I do believe we will see a new dawn where new ideas will provide new opportunities to share our faith. J


Do check out our website for the recent sermon videos. Be safe. Keep your distance. Wash your hands.


Yours in Christ,


Major Sterling

Hanover CO