June 5th, 2020 - Newsletter #11


Dear Comrades and Friends of the Hanover Corps,


Hello everyone, how are you coping with the distancing? Hard to believe we are into our third month of Covid 19 and still not sure how much longer it may be keeping us with the limiting socializing.  I hope you are missing each other and are able to draw upon memories of better times when we laughed and prayed, shared and prayed, cried and prayed and celebrated with praise! I do believe these days will return again and I do look forward in hearing how you survived through it all.   


Our world continues to be struggling in knowing how to live with others. The events from the US that carried into our country has challenged us on how we relate to each other. Our ability to love others, to forgive others, to learn to walk in other persons shoes, to show compassion, and to show respect to others all seem to be lessons forgotten. The value of a life does not seem to be as high as it once was in our world and I am sure it have brought prayers, tears and disappoint to you as we watched this all unfold. I don’t believe it is all over and there is still more anger to come in our world because of what took place. In some ways I am understanding the Apostle Paul’s comment that we as believers in Christ are Aliens in this world as we no longer fit in to the norm and values of this world. I have felt the need this week to draw close to my faith to help bring a peace in my life and the promised joy and happiness that I need.


Two chourses come to my mind as I try to keep everything in the place where it needs to be.  #122 in our songbook, ‘God is still on the throne, and he will remember his own; though trials may press us and burdens distress us, He never will leave us alone. God is still on the throne, and he will remember his own, His promise is true, he will not forget you; God is still on His throne.’  The other is a Chorus that I learned from some friends of mine Sam Roberts and Germey Wiseman, ‘Don’t give up your on the brink of a miracle. Don’t give up God is still on His throne. Don’t’ give up your on the bring of a miracle, Don’t give up remember you’re not alone.’


I hope the message of these two choruses will remind you that the Triune continues to be who He is regardless of what happens in this sinful world. His love for you is constant. His grace for you is constant. His mercy for you is constant. His promises for you are constant. These are the foundations of who we have become through Jesus Christ. My prayer for each of you is that you will remain faithful in the ‘cleft of the rock’ that is ours through Christ.


I will be participating in the Decoration Day Memorial Service at the Hanover Cemetaries by the Hanover Hospital this Sunday afternoon at 1pm.  Do remember our veterans and all they sacrificed for others in times of conflict.


Keep each other in Prayer: Brandie, Rachel, William, Cassandra, Samantha, Vi, Lorne, Bill, Jessica, Lauren, Craig, Mary, Lisa, Jim, Cathy, Robert, Joy, Sylvia, Linda, Wilene, Mitch, Elaine, Ida-Mae, Bruce, Sheri, Bob, Edieth, Truman, Daphne, Pat, Sandra, Eldon, Raoul, Jennifer, Layla, Ava, Tim, Diane, Ivar, Pippe, Peter, Kathy, Elsie, John, Nancy, Fran, Sonia, Allison, Jeremiah, Adrian, Greg, Marion, Kathie, David, Allan, Audrey, Harold, Alonzo, Lori, Donna, Keith, Sue, Bob, Hazel, Alan, Danielle, Dawn, Remy, Eileen, Doug, Jim, Nancy, Shirley, Mark, Wendy, Katrina, Liam, Zander, Natasha, Bodil, your neighbor to your left, your neighbor to your right, your neighbor behind you, and your neighbor in front of you.


Continue to be safe and guard yourself with distancing, hand washing, covering your face when you cough and a prayer as well. If you are going shopping you will need to have a mask to wear in the store.  Some stores are providing these for you as you enter. J


I continue to serve you in the name of Christ the author and perfector of our faith,


Major Sterling

Hanover CO